First Time Homebuyers

     When you’re buying a home, you want to make sure you are working with an agent who understands you.  This is even more imporatant when buying your FIRST home.  You want someone on your side who takes the time to listen to you and make sure you are a fully informed party to the transaction – not just the person who signs the papers.

You’ll be hearing a lot of new terms during this time – check out the terms to know link below.  And ask me questions whenever needed!  I’m aware that not everyone works in real estate and I’m happy to slow down and go into detail on anything you ask!

Real Estate Terms to Know


First Time Homebuyer Classes (HomeStretch)

Anoka County

“Home Buyer Education and Counseling helps low to moderate-income individuals and/or first time homebuyers with step-by-step instruction to financial readiness and credit worthiness needed for mortgage loan approval. This begins with a series of Home Stretch Workshops that include handouts, a study guide, and expert advice from guest speakers. Participants are encouraged to meet with staff for one-to-one financial counseling, help with credit issues, budgeting plans and loan program information.”

Home Buyer Education & Counseling FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).

Home Stretch Calendar  and Registration Form 

Isanti County and East Central MN

“Buy your home in a buyers market while living within your means. You will recieve in-depth information from credible housing prefessionals on the basics, including developing a strong spending and savings plan, your credit and learing how to qualify for and finance your home pruchase. Participants will receive a certificate which is required for some mortage products.”

Home Stretch Calendar



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