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November Pinterest Fail



There are three things you need to know about me:


1)      I love to bake
2)      I love fall
3)      I don’t have a lot of free time so I like things that are easy


That made this pin the perfect snack after a day at Windmill Acres Farm to round out a beautiful fall day.  Canned pumpkin, crescent rolls and some spice and you’re 20 minutes from a pumpkin pie treat!


Yeah…not so much.  I guess the fourth thing I should have added to that list is that I need to read things like three or four times before jumping in or I miss essential items, like how to cut the rolls (lengthwise).  Instead I just took the pizza cutter and started hacking the poor things up, THEN read the lengthwise part.  Oops.  After sealing them back up the best I could, the rest of the recipe went better.  It was messy and it was definitely a trial and error process as to how much filling to roll up.  They turned out delicious.  But ugly.  The poor, ugly, delicious little things.


Not to be discouraged, I tried it again, only this time I skipped the whole cutting nonsense and just made regular sized crescents.  That didn’t work because the rolls didn’t cook all the way through.  They were better looking, but not nearly as tasty.




I WILL conquer this recipe.  If I can make a pumpkin pie from scratch (like, from a pumpkin! I’m not an inept baker, I swear!) then I can make this and have it turn out pretty AND tasty.



If you read my October column in the Isanti-Chisago County Star, you might be wondering how those projects were received by the many trick or treaters that visited on Halloween.  Well…thanks the rain, the eyes in the bush didn’t show up well.  By the time it was dark enough for the glowing to be obvious, the cardboard was soggy.  However, we will do it again next year because it was so easy and we know (from hiding them around the house) that they do look like glowing eyes and are pretty scary. 🙂  The “Blood Bath” window wasn’t really seen until we ran out of candy and shut the door.  But as older, unaccompanied kids will, we still got knocks after our lights went out and THEN we were questioned, “umm, did someone die in your house? That looks like blood in the window.”  To which I replied, “That’s just from the kids that kept ringing our bell after we shut off our lights.  Happy Halloween! Mwahahahaha.”  And no, the police did not visit my house later. 😉


Barn Doors

A random collection of barn doors across East Central MN.

Franconia Sculpture Garden

With as much time as I’ve spent in the St. Croix River Valley, I thought it was downright ridiculous that I had never stopped at the Franconia Sculpture Garden.  It’s right on St. Croix Trail and I had driven past it a hundred times, but never had the time to stop.  So on one of my rare days off, my husband and I decided we’d better check it out.  It’s open to the public every day, dawn to dusk.  And it’s free (although they do ask for a donation which we were happy to give).  I definitely recommend taking an hour to walk through the park and check out the sculptures.

We’re not art-gallery regulars, but we both appreciate art.  I’m not an art critic and I could be WAY off base with my interpretations of the sculptures and the artists’ intentions.  However, I think that’s the great thing about any kind of art: it means different things to different people.  These were some of my favorites:

The “radio tower” is my name for this sculpture.  I love it because I’m a music buff and have been my whole life.  I remember using boom boxes and stereos even older than some of these.  I think it really speaks to the advancement of technology (I’m listing to Pandora on my iPhone as I type this) and how, as we advance in technology, things that we once coveted and cherished become trash when replaced with smaller, more capable technology. 


I don’t have a name or a great assessment for this piece… I just liked it.  The panels in the back are individual pieces of graffiti art that flip like the posters I used to look through every time I went to Target or Walmart as a teenager.

This sculpture is apparently very open to interpretation.  My husband thought it was maybe a portrayal of a tornado.  I, being in the real estate industry and watching how crazy our market has been, took it as an interpretation of that.  First, with the great builder’s movement in which older homes were demolished to make way for new suburban developments.  Then when those homes were vacated due to foreclosure.  Inside this house is a crazy web of ropes.  Homeowners tied to their homes because of the inability to sell, perhaps?  As I see home prices start to rise and the number of foreclosures in our market start to level out, I think it’s important to remember these things that we’ve been through and this image does that for me. 

Without Snow, Frost Will Do

Frosty Trees in Fish Lake Regional Park (Copyright A Hollen)

This is quite possibly the strangest winter I’ve experienced in a while.  Coming from a midwestern girl, that’s saying a lot.  This morning we woke up to a heavy frost from the melting and fog we’ve had.  It looked like it had snowed and at this point, we’ll take what we can get.  Every twig on every tree was frosted and glistening in the sun that was pushing through every crack it could find in the clouds.  As I went about my day, from snapping pictures at the North Branch Polar Plunge to showings in Sunrise and Shafer, I was greeted with a glittering, gorgeous landscape. Then the sun finally made its debut, and infected every soul with Spring Fever.  It’s only the beginning of February and I’m dodging mud puddles and questioning whether it’s safe to go out on the ice.  Of course I know that there are technically two long months left of winter and that at any given time, we could be buried under feet of snow.  But for now, this feels like the longest spring we’ve ever had. 

Working in North Branch

Welcome to North Branch (Copyright)I am frequently asked why I chose to work in North Branch when I live in (and love) Cambridge, where there are other real estate brokerages.  The answer is simple:  I love my office

 North Branch, Sunrise Trail (Copyright)

When I was first getting started in this business, I did interview at brokerages in Cambridge, then I called Jacquie Krismer at the North Branch Edina Realty Office.  When I walked in, I could immediately tell things were going to be different here.  Jacquie was not only the sweetest and most loveable managing broker I’d met, but she knew her stuff.  She knew what it would take for a new agent to get going and Edina Realty had the tools I needed to do so.  

Central Park, Grain Mill, North Branch MN (Copyright)

She also asked me questions that no other broker had.  “Why do you want to be in real estate?”  This was an important question, because my prior work history wasn’t really sales-based.  Leading up to real estate, it was mostly analytical, paperwork type stuff, design, construction or jobs where my sole purpose was to care for others.  I didn’t want to get into real estate to SELL, I wanted to get into it because the thought of helping people make the biggest purchase of their lives made me happy.  Because I come from a family that values real estate.  Because I have a good knowledge of houses – from building to decorating.  Because I’m good with paperwork and with helping people.  Other brokers saw my history as a weakness, Jacquie showed me that it is a strength.  It takes all kinds, as they say.  Some buyers and sellers need an agent who will give them a push.  Some need an agent like me, who is there to research, assist and offer my expertise. 

Getting to be who I want to be – not the vision someone else has for me –
makes me LOVE my job. 

North Branch, MN Central Park

On top of all this, I work with some amazing people at this office.  Our office administrator, Connie, is a wealth of knowledge and reason and helps keep all the agents in our office organized and on track.  The other agents here welcomed me with open arms and offered to help with anything I needed, they didn’t guard themselves against me as competition like many agents might.  I feel like I BELONG at this office and at this company.  Even though we agents are self-employed, Edina Realty treats us like we are an integral part of the company – of the Edina Realty family.  I knew when I walked in that this would be my “home” and years later, I still plan to keep it that way. 

Edina Realty North Branch Office (Copyright)

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that our North Branch office is directly across the street from beautiful Central Park. And that there are a LOT of places to grab lunch in town.  😉

North Branch, MN Central Park (Copyright)

I plan to be a part of Edina Realty and the North Branch Community for a LONG time.