November Pinterest Fail



There are three things you need to know about me:


1)      I love to bake
2)      I love fall
3)      I don’t have a lot of free time so I like things that are easy


That made this pin the perfect snack after a day at Windmill Acres Farm to round out a beautiful fall day.  Canned pumpkin, crescent rolls and some spice and you’re 20 minutes from a pumpkin pie treat!


Yeah…not so much.  I guess the fourth thing I should have added to that list is that I need to read things like three or four times before jumping in or I miss essential items, like how to cut the rolls (lengthwise).  Instead I just took the pizza cutter and started hacking the poor things up, THEN read the lengthwise part.  Oops.  After sealing them back up the best I could, the rest of the recipe went better.  It was messy and it was definitely a trial and error process as to how much filling to roll up.  They turned out delicious.  But ugly.  The poor, ugly, delicious little things.


Not to be discouraged, I tried it again, only this time I skipped the whole cutting nonsense and just made regular sized crescents.  That didn’t work because the rolls didn’t cook all the way through.  They were better looking, but not nearly as tasty.




I WILL conquer this recipe.  If I can make a pumpkin pie from scratch (like, from a pumpkin! I’m not an inept baker, I swear!) then I can make this and have it turn out pretty AND tasty.



If you read my October column in the Isanti-Chisago County Star, you might be wondering how those projects were received by the many trick or treaters that visited on Halloween.  Well…thanks the rain, the eyes in the bush didn’t show up well.  By the time it was dark enough for the glowing to be obvious, the cardboard was soggy.  However, we will do it again next year because it was so easy and we know (from hiding them around the house) that they do look like glowing eyes and are pretty scary. 🙂  The “Blood Bath” window wasn’t really seen until we ran out of candy and shut the door.  But as older, unaccompanied kids will, we still got knocks after our lights went out and THEN we were questioned, “umm, did someone die in your house? That looks like blood in the window.”  To which I replied, “That’s just from the kids that kept ringing our bell after we shut off our lights.  Happy Halloween! Mwahahahaha.”  And no, the police did not visit my house later. 😉


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