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Decoupage Pumpkin – aka “Pinterest Fail”

Once in a while, I see a project that looks super easy. I jump in with both feet expecting something cool with minimal effort and it turns out … Let’s just say, “not how I expected.”

It started with this pin from Better Homes and Gardens. A simple decoupage pumpkin. Get a pumpkin, glue some leaves on it, voila, instant centerpiece.

Better Homes and Gardens

I wanted a carving pumpkin because we love fresh roasted pumpkin seeds in this house. I washed it well with a vinegar & water solution & dried it well. I had a handful if oak and maple leaves hand selected off the tree that I personally dried. With my Mod Podge and sponge brush in hand, I got to work simply gluing the first leaf on the pumpkin. When it refused to stick, I tried again. And again. And again. I tried doing one corner at a time, I tried letting it get tacky and holding it there. This leaf did not want to be stuck.


I was left with a pumpkin half covered in craft glue. I couldn’t let the poor guy sit like that. So I grabbed an old book that was well weathered, ripped the pages in pieces and covered the pumpkin in them. It was still not what I was going for. 20131010-173629.jpg

So with a LOT more gluing and a more workable background, I got some of the leaves to stick. Not anywhere CLOSE to what I started out trying to create. But I had a good hour plus into the gluing, so it’s sitting on my front step anyway. When people ask why I did that to my poor pumpkin, I simply reply, “I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren.” 🙂  And it’s still going to provide some delicious roasted pumpkin seeds in a couple weeks.