Franconia Sculpture Garden

With as much time as I’ve spent in the St. Croix River Valley, I thought it was downright ridiculous that I had never stopped at the Franconia Sculpture Garden.  It’s right on St. Croix Trail and I had driven past it a hundred times, but never had the time to stop.  So on one of my rare days off, my husband and I decided we’d better check it out.  It’s open to the public every day, dawn to dusk.  And it’s free (although they do ask for a donation which we were happy to give).  I definitely recommend taking an hour to walk through the park and check out the sculptures.

We’re not art-gallery regulars, but we both appreciate art.  I’m not an art critic and I could be WAY off base with my interpretations of the sculptures and the artists’ intentions.  However, I think that’s the great thing about any kind of art: it means different things to different people.  These were some of my favorites:

The “radio tower” is my name for this sculpture.  I love it because I’m a music buff and have been my whole life.  I remember using boom boxes and stereos even older than some of these.  I think it really speaks to the advancement of technology (I’m listing to Pandora on my iPhone as I type this) and how, as we advance in technology, things that we once coveted and cherished become trash when replaced with smaller, more capable technology. 


I don’t have a name or a great assessment for this piece… I just liked it.  The panels in the back are individual pieces of graffiti art that flip like the posters I used to look through every time I went to Target or Walmart as a teenager.

This sculpture is apparently very open to interpretation.  My husband thought it was maybe a portrayal of a tornado.  I, being in the real estate industry and watching how crazy our market has been, took it as an interpretation of that.  First, with the great builder’s movement in which older homes were demolished to make way for new suburban developments.  Then when those homes were vacated due to foreclosure.  Inside this house is a crazy web of ropes.  Homeowners tied to their homes because of the inability to sell, perhaps?  As I see home prices start to rise and the number of foreclosures in our market start to level out, I think it’s important to remember these things that we’ve been through and this image does that for me. 


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