Christmas Lights in Cambridge, MN

Growing up in the midwest with our long winters and short days, I have an incredible appreciation for Christmas lights.  Those beautiful twinkling lights make it almost bearable that it gets dark shortly after the kids get out of school in the afternoon.  I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood that goes ALL OUT with their outdoor decorations.  It makes me feel better about not having time to get my outdoor decorations up & makes me smile every time I drive down my street.  There are some other neighborhoods in Cambridge, Minnesota that go big on their decorations, too.  “Goldenwood” has a history of being lit up at Christmastime.  That’s where we found this home:


This year, Mike Patten at 33617 6th St NE, Cambridge put on a show that I hope will become Cambridge tradition.  He programmed all his exterior lights to go along with Christmas music playing on a radio frequency.  He invited the public to park outside his home several times a night – every night from early December to Christmas – to watch the show for free.  He placed a donation bin in his driveway to collect food and money for our local food shelf, Family Pathways Food Pantry.  According to the Cambridge Community Facebook Page, Patten was able to raise 596 lbs of food and roughly $500 for the food pantry.  He gave residents something fun and inexpensive to do while also helping to feed the community…a pretty selfless act, considering the running cars that lined his street most nights and the time he invested into the project.  Below is a link to a clip of the show, the quality isn’t great, but it does showcase just a small portion of his hobby coming to life.  I hope we’ll have this to look forward to next season, along with all the other spectacularly decorated homes lighting up our nights. 

Patten’s 6th St. Light Show, Cambridge


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