Valuable Tax Credit for Homeowners

I have some exciting news for you! The $8000 First-Time Homebuyer tax credit has not only been extended, but has also expanded to include many current homeowners. This is welcome news to homeowners who have been waiting for a good time to move – not only will the market continue to improve, which means increased values and faster sales, they will also get a generous tax credit to sweeten the deal.

The current proposed package expands the required income limits and would include a new $6500 tax credit for sellers who have lived in their homes consecutively for 5 of the last 8 years.

If you have found yourself wondering, ‘When is the right time?’ Your time might be now. Please give me a call. I am happy to discuss the market in your neighborhood and the details of the tax credit package. I will even come to your home to do a no-cost, no obligation market analysis to determine the market value of your home. From there, you’ll be able to make an educated decision whether now is the right time for you to sell and take advantage of the credit. 

The contract deadline for the credit is May 1, 2010, so don’t wait or you’ll miss out.

You can call me directly in the daytime or evening. I look forward to talking to you!


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